1. What is a text message?

A text message is generally 160 characters or less (SMS), anything larger would be sent as an MMS message and requires more data. Text messages are similar to emails with the added advantage mobility. There are over 200 million mobile phone subscribers in the United States. All mobile phones sold today have the ability to send and receive text messages.

2. Do people want to receive messages on their phone?

Yes. Consumers are always seeking relevant and unique ways to save themselves time and money. Farm Journal Mobile's service is 100% “opt-in.” We utilize a double opt-in process to authenticate mobile phone numbers and the subscribers who desire to receive messages.

Farm Journal Mobile's service can reach anyone with a text enabled mobile phone (95% of phones sold today).

3. Is the service difficult to use?

No. If you can use a telephone you’ll have no problem with the service.

4. What is Farm Journal Mobile?

Farm Journal Mobile provides a service that leverages technology to deliver critical commodity market data and other information to the end users’ mobile phone or other handheld device. The customer has complete discretion over what information will be delivered and can customize an “information set” which specifically compliments their operation, needs, and marketing objectives.


5. What is the Update Message Center?

The Update Message Center is a tool that business and other users utilize to send critical alerts and product and other information directly to users who "Opt In" to receive information from the user. Mobile messaging is quickly becoming the most direct, widest reaching, and most cost effective communication medium in the world. The Update Message Center brings users the ability to leverage this medium in ways customized to their needs. For more information, email mobileinfo@farmjournal.com


6. Can I provide the service to my customers?

Yes. Businesses often provide the Market Update service to their customers as a promotional product or goodwill gesture. Businesses can provide commodity market information on its own or in combination with the Update Message Center which allows business to provide promotional or other relevant information to their customers. For more information, email mobileinfo@farmjournal.com

7. How much does the service cost?

The service is offered in both a FREE and PREMIUM subscription model. The FREE version comes with advertising on all products, including the Market Updates. The PREMIUM version does NOT contain advertising, and costs $99.95/year.

9. How do I sign up for a Farm Journal Mobile Account?

You can register for a FREE Market Updates account here OR sign up for our PREMIUM Ad-Free Market Updates here. You can always add on addition free messaging services from either the free or premium subscriptions.

10. Do I have to sign any long-term contracts?

No. There are no contracts to sign and you can use the service on a month to month basis.

11. Will Farm Journal Mobile’s service work on my phone?

Our service works with 95% of cell phone carriers in the United States. Contact us with you number and service provider to confirm whether the service will work with your carrier.

12. Do I need to do anything to my cell phone account to allow me to receive messages?

You may need to activate text message capability with your mobile provider. Most carriers offer a multitude of packages. Unlimited packages are available from most carriers.

MMS messaging may cost extra based on cellular plan. Call your carrier to discuss your data plans.

13. How much information can I receive on my phone?

Industry standards dictate that a maximum of 160 characters of information for SMS can be delivered in an individual text message; to the extent of larger amounts of information, multiple messages will be sent to the user at no additional cost, these MMS messages can be up to 500 characters per message.

14. What is your refund policy?

If at any time during the first 90 days you are unhappy with your subscription, contact us to cancel and receive a full refund. If you wish to cancel after 90 days, we will refund any unused portion of your subscription.